Beauty Summer XXI

“Emotions, gestures, feelings, pain.
They are not thinking about sex. Boys are boys. Inocent and gorgeous.
I try to post pictures that do not have any sexual sense. I love boys the way they deserve, Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

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13 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXI

  1. I need to meet some friends, nobody know about me, and I need to know about you too.
    I lost my son long time ago and now I´m alone. I have only my job, my home and less time for me. I´m not near of my daughters because I´m divorced. (due to the accident)
    Soon I´ll be visiting Europe, but I don´t know when.

    Always I´ll be there for you my friends


  2. Love the expression on #1s face (he’s “like really”)…5 is a little doll with his peace sign and 6 with the doggie door is really funny and cute!

  3. I’m truely sorry to hear about your beautiful boy being taken from you ,a parent should never have to bury a child and once again your selection of innocent beauty is impeccable ,thankyou rusthy you warm and break my heart at the same time God,bless you cry inlove

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