36 thoughts on “Can you guess which one is me ?

  1. My first guess, the cute kid in the Australian hat? Or maybe number nine if I was to go by your avatar. Do we get a free trip to come visit you in a spider snake free area of Australia, maybe swim in that swimming pool?

    • That’s the Hawkesbury river behind me ,I’m on a boat and the bush behind me is where they filmed skippy the bush kangaroo ,kurringia national park (I don’t think I spelled that right ) laugh

        • That was Gary Pankhurst as sonny and I posted a pic of him and skippy in my last post ,there were only 91 episodes but it’s on at 630am here every weekday and it went to 161 countries ,I love it and grew up not far from Waratah park which closed in early 2000s but the last animals were taken out in 2007 so I still spent time there as a little lad , I love that bush area at terry hills /ingleside smile heart

    • There are no spider or snake free areas of Australia ,we have some of the deadliest ,the Sydney funnel web and the box jelly fish are two of the worst but the Sharks can be bad too ,I’m kidding Australia rocks ,give the Sharks the occasional tourist and their happy laugh

      • You also have the fastest highest tide in the world. We, Alaska, has the second fastest highest. It’s so fast and high it makes a wave in the inlet here where people surf on it twice a day. I’ll pit my Grizzly Bears against your Sharks any day, LOL. They eat tourists too. I like your picture, and your comments. You’ve got good “swag”.

        • A swag is a bed roll when you go camping , but yes our tide is fast and we have the extremely deadly koala they jump out of trees at you laugh

          • ‘SWAG’ is also a certain kind of jewelry here in certain USA talk. Go figure. laugh I never figure where ‘SWAGGER’ comes from … but if swag is a bed roll, maybe you swagger in it somehow ? laugh
            ‘KIT’ also refers to ‘SUPPLY’ or stuff to carry with, and I do not mean a tool box or a fix-it-kit, but a certain KIND of ‘supply’ in some USA talk. Go figure. laugh And the mean nasty koala needs more eucalyptus and us to kit away and swagger elsewherey laugh

    • I wish I was seven ,he’s really cute ,I love piercings ,I have my belly button done and both ears and my right eyebrow now and I’m planning more if you know what I mean hehe laugh

  2. You? I’m trying to exclude some sure cases out.
    1. boy, maybe, but I will leave to wait.
    2. boy, could you be Jack the Ripper? Perhaps.
    3. boy, looks good, but who is he?
    4. boy, no, definitely not, if you’re now 15. I think that this boy is one of your favorites and he is in this picture for about 15 years, but now he is about 40 years older.
    5. boy, I’ve seen this image before, but I don’t remember his name. I’m (almost) sure that he is not you.
    6. boy, no. Alec is not from Australia.
    7. boy, “Oooohhhh, aaaaahhhhh and aaaarrrrgg”. This boy, I would like to meet and if I could get a boyfriend so this kind of boy would be my favorite. I love his hair style and his beautiful face, wow, my lovely angel. heart hug But I believe that you are not he.
    The last boys, perhaps?
    And then my guess was immediately # 2. Looks so Australian although I don’t see any kangaroos behind you. Skippys are probably on vacation. And now I am sure that you are boy number 2, if your mirror seems right … nice to meet you. yes smile

  3. Wow Jack the Ripper ? Iv never thought I looked like a serial killer but mmmmm besides jack was English I’m an Aussie and my favourite is Peter Bjerg from lasse nielsens 1978 classic film du er ikke alene (you are not alone) in pic 4 and yes he would be 50 years old or there abouts but I don’t care I still love him and as for the other boys I just like them all and I don’t know where Alec is from but he’s in the wild in Africa or South America and Ritchie is very cute but I don’t look like Jack the Ripper thanks John dash wacko

  4. I guessed 2 before reading the posts(honestly).. the piercings boy is cute but hate the piercings,they mess up his perfect lil face He’s not old enough to start poking holes all in it (in my opinion) It doesn’t add it subtracts….The green eyed boy is gorgeous!

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