Sheer perfection – Harrison

Sometimes you see a boy and you think: this boy is perfect.

My example: Harrison (if I have to find a flaw I would say he is a Chelsea fan laugh )

Isn’t he just a perfect captain, and he has the most gorgeous smile. In the photo’s he is 8 to 10 yo.





With his brother

Giving mommy a kiss

And he doesn’t look bad shirtless (and it’s an understatement).




23 thoughts on “Sheer perfection – Harrison

  1. I don’t like to use often superlatives. But in this case…
    OMG he’s one in a million! I’m overwhelmed shock
    He’s such a charming beauty heart
    And I freaked out by looking at pic #7. His flexing muscles are incredible! What a boy inlove

  2. I know what you mean, I have seen many perfect boys in my time. Harrison is beautiful! I do not normally like younger boys with crazy muscles but he looks so good in pic 7 inlove

  3. Thank you jo for introducing Harrison to us ,yes he is perfect no other word would do him justice ,he is beautiful with a gorgeous smile and incredible body for his tender years so thank you again ,I would love to see more of Harrison laugh inlove dog dash wacko

  4. Harrison is GORGEOUS!!!..What a fine ass boy!!…I don’t care about his soccer( well football to the rest of the world)affiliation id make him the captain of my team any day …What a Beauty!! Do you have MORE? hug heart heart heart help good dash

  5. pic # 7 omg…!!! does anyone else love his belly button?? its just awesome!! and wonderful figure! he has an 8 pack!!! those abs are killer!! i bet all the other boys get excited when they see him in the locker room!!!

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