11 thoughts on “Sweet Loving

  1. You bet I’d hire them! I wonder if they would permit you to cram dollars down the skimpy fronts? I’d like it and maybe a lap dance. Hot! Someday lads, we’ll see more employment opportunities for youth when we achieve egalitarianism on Earth.

    Who’s up for the Boy Bar?

    Me, me, me too!

  2. If this non sexual video is illegal, even in the USA, no awareness is here. There are few of these and no more of them as awareness is here, but for some other videos if you can find them. The group and the organizers become disorganizing and made less than a group by powers not any to mess with. I never understand. As best this figuring gets, ‘they’ are there to hate / dislike the gay / homo / queer / sexual connect / reactions the videos get / have, and, if we are to believe them, have no connections with / intents about originally. Little girls videos are on regular tv from my childhood much more obviously ‘projective’ ( forgive the obvious intent on this wording … it is from many others who see and say at the time, not just this observer ) than this. GO FIGURE. laugh Thanks for the video !!!!

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