Beauty Summer XXII “Funniest in the summer”

They are not thinking about sex. Boys are boys. Inocent and gorgeous.
I try to post pictures that do not have any sexual sense. I love boys the way they deserve, Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

In memory of my Son that is an angel now.

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10 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXII “Funniest in the summer”

  1. Are these of your son? Liked the one trying to escape the waves. We can’t escape our broken hearts, but we can remember the wonderful times we did have with them. I understand your loss, had too many of them myself, but the photo’s are now all gone too. I have my memories, lots and lots of wonderful memories. Love, Dave.

  2. Oh God, Rusthy. I’m SO sorry for your loss. Nobody should have to endure the loss of a child. Please keep posting. I pray for you daily.!

  3. Rusthy I am so sorry to hear of your loss.. it is unbearable to think of someone losing their child. Yes he is an angel now, as I’m sure he was on earth too. Wishing happy thoughts upon you and I do hope that you keep up the beautiful posts heart

  4. This is a song about the innocent, who died at the hands of a desperate man, he trusted those who he thought he knew, he trusted those who he looked up to, I’ll never forget the joy in his face, I’d laugh and cry , I’d ruin my place. He’d drive me crazy, he’d drive me wild, I used to scream and shout, all day long. Now I hope u know this song is about a child who now has gone, other children like him too abused and used by what adults do, so don’t tell me about politics and all the problems of our economics when u come not after what u can’t own, u scream and shout all day long.. ,that’s a well put two verse song by new order. Man that breaks my heart, uncertain as to what it was. No insinuation here. .must be difficult. I will pray for you

  5. Picture Number Three, up in the air with his legs, is impossible ever for me. FUN for him !!! FUN to see done !!! Girls do this too. Thanks for the photo and the background. NICE !!!

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