Noone knows what it’s like…

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes

Noone knows what it’s like

To be hated

To be fated

To telling only lies


blueeyes 1


blueeyes 2


blueeyes 3


blueeyes 4


blueeyes 5


blueeyes 6


blueeyes 7


blueeyes 8

But my dreams

They aren’t as empty

As my conscience seems to be

I have hours, only lonely

My love is vengeance

That’s never free

blueeyes 9


blueeyes 10

23 thoughts on “Noone knows what it’s like…

  1. In this strange old world everyone suffers at some point and some pay a price that is way too high ,I believe guilt is the most futile ,useless emotion ,you have a poetic soul thomix and I’d like to know you better ,please pm me if you need an ear or shoulder ,thankyou for a lovely post xxx obi hug

  2. So sad to see sadfaced beautiful boys.
    It just proves that exceptional beauty means nothing if you’re unhappy inside.
    I’m neither of those things and sadly i know what feeling sad and alone feels like a little too well.
    If there was any justice in this world, every boy would have at least one moment of happiness in his young life.
    Because that horrible feeling of feeling worthles and having to hear every day of your childhood how you’re worthless and you’ll NEVER be nobody, i wouldn’t wish for anyone to know what that feels like.
    Just like girls, kids should be hugged and kissed and made feel special and not to be put down all the time untill they start believe it themselves. Be good to others, and try to look at yourself with their eyes before treating them with disrespect!

  3. well said blue eyes.
    its not the way I want to be but why do I hide my true feelings to the rest of the would.
    for what. To make them feel better.
    What about me and people like me that have feelings that are not politically correct.
    What the. Who decides this. it was not that long ago it would get you locked up for being gay. I’m not saying its ok to hurt kids its not. and I don’t think this is ever ok. but when a boy gets to the age where they want to learn and experiment. is it wrong to say no. maybe idk.
    I’m just a person that has feelings just ;like any one else.
    and I cant turn them of no more that a heterosexual or a homosexual.
    I use to be one of the boys in front of the camera.
    now I don’t know what I am. was I made was I born this way IDK but I do know I am what I am.
    sorry if its gibberish I have been drinking

  4. Well this one got me as I spent several minutes trying to remember which band sang this,it was the who of course but the pictures are very well chosen indeed and its calling out for a video surely.?

  5. Thank you for putting things in perspective. Passing sadness is common to all but lasting sadness should be nobody’s. Aren’t we lucky to have this place to share our feelings and emotions. I hope all children will receive support and love and if they do not, that they will find it when they are older.

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