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    • YOU ASK — ” Is that even legal LOL ” —> Maybe you mean is ” that even legal ” in the USA / Great Britain ”, or, maybe you mean is that ” even legal ” and this reply is that YES, maybe illegal, in the USA / GB, as such is potentially sexual, as far as is aware here —> Potentially yes, depending. The hip thrusting ( ‘twerking’ ) is a normal human activity but if sexual in intent or interpretation, regardless of intent, it can be potentially sexual as an allure and potentially sexual with sexual obvious intent — > and YOUR INTERPRETATION of the picture / video … thus automatically, by YOUR self description, AS A SEXUAL ACTIVITY BY WAY OF YOUR OWN IMAGINING with under age children, thus child abuse by definition, as a sexual activity on YOUR part with under 18 year olds, even merely in your imagination, thus sexual child abuse by definition, all depending on the fanaticism of anti male feminists, and the male and female new-puritans, and those of each with prosecution power. HINT HINT.

  1. WOW What a Cute and Fun video.Im.sorry but i just gonna say that there is NOTHING AND MEAN NOTHING illegal about this video.Both the boys and their parents as well as the other adults in the audience were having fun and enjoying themselves.I LOVED IT! THANK U SO VERY MUCH FOR POSTING THIS.ITBDEFINITELY MADE THIS BLS WEEKEND

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