17 thoughts on “Name that Movie Boy

    • #4 is the beautiful (and now hot looking) Matthew Lawrence from Mrs Doubtfire, Brotherly Love, Boy Meets World…
      In Boy Meets World in many scenes they bragged with him showing his beautiful muscles. Shirtless. :heart:
      I liked him the most in Brotherly love where he starred with his 2 real life brothers.
      Pictured here is from Mr. Doubtfire. (R.I.P Robin Williams :cry: )
      I liked Mrs Doubtfire too because it takes place in my beloved San Francisco. :heart:

      All the best wishes in your future Matt. :good:

  1. I remember, that i watched Terminator 2 nearly 150 times, just because of Edward Furlong.

    I loved him so much heart
    At that time I was 15yo….

    Its time to see Terminator 2 again ;-)

  2. 4…Matt Lawrence in Mrs.Doubtfire….Loved him Had to pause the CD a few times while on his close up shots and” take care of myself” laugh ….

  3. #1 Jimmy Bennet
    #5 Game of Thrones’s Bran Stark
    #6 Edward Furlong teaching T800 how to “speak naturally” kkk
    #7 Uriah Shelton???
    #9 Neverending Story: A W E S O M E!
    #10 WILL WHEATON in Stand by Me: ” Oh Chris oh man…”

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