28 thoughts on “Sweet little angel or little devil ?

  1. Difficult question, obi! Some gorgeous boys and particularly 1,4 and the boy on the left in 6, and, of course, Florian heart who will always be an angel to me. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

    • The boy on the right in six is Hugo but I’m not sure who the other boy is and I had to put sonny and skippy in they are Aussie icons ,and florian is a beautiful angel as all these boys are to me but none more so than pic ten Peter Bjerg ,thankyou boys for your opinions and comments xxx obi inlove

  2. Yes, they all seem sweet little angels. heart I don’t see any devil, but that I can know until when I know the boy better. diablo The most cutest are Skippy and little frog? on Alec’s hand. heart When I look at boys over and over again so the first boy seems to be the first boy for me at this time when “Jack the Ripper” is missing from the group at this time. (Maybe I’ll explain to you that “Jack the Ripper” case sometime later.) shock drinks smile

  3. I hate to be Johnny Raincloud over here but number 7 is actually a girl. It is one of many by photographer Jock Sturges. Although it makes no difference to me as I like both anyway, just don’t want everyone to be disappointed later.

    • I was wondering if anyone would spot that ,well done ,jock Sturgess is one of my favourite photographers as is bill Henson but now you see I’m the little devil and their all angels laugh

  4. Florian and his appeal are quite eternal…
    But the boys from You Are Not Alone and specially this scene shows all people love is unconditional

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