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  1. small boys and older boys and tween boys and teen boys and older teen boys and young men and older men and old men and senile old brain dementia men do touch the crotch regularly. Yes they do –> (1) as adjustment of the organs to the movements of the rest of the body (2) physical self defense, a similar to the first but not the same (3) showing off to others (4) submission by showing that the genitals here are not as important as those in power (5) fear, thus self defense. … so do apes, chimps, and monkeys in cages keep do so crotch and genital touch nd manipulate as a way to self protect, to show they are bored, defensive, or submissive, or afraid. In the wild there is a similar touching, as well as bending over and letting the other in. This boy seems afraid and is submitting. Submission is not from love. Love of submission is another thing. OH !! Does this figure it out. He prefers to submit. Maybe to get a way to live or just because he prefers it, or, whatever. What see is his constant self defense.

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