12 thoughts on “Boys @ the pool (8)

  1. Was lucky enough to grow up with a big pool in my yard !(Thanks mom & pop..$$$$).So since I was a little boy & still do have one…… we always had/have friends,family ,neighborhood boys especially over for birthday swim parties and swimming on those hot summer days…I cant even begin to tell you how many times I “got some” just from having that pool ! A lot of times I was so bulging I had to stay in the water so some of the boys wouldn’t see that I was aroused! !lol The boys always were over swimming and it was a great boy magnet and a good reason to “horseplay” ( ya know trying to get on each others backs,playing the dunk game,etc etc!) Then of course we had to go change out of our wet trunks!!! Lots of great pool adventures!!!

  2. No7 nice pics but why make a girl that young wear a pretend bra there’s no need at that age let boys and girls enjoy their bodies and when girls need to wear a bra let them?

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