12 thoughts on “Cute brothers

    • Great eye Zach…YES …I like boys and cars!!! My two true loves ,Other then Boys IN cars! My car… laugh That’s a Bugatti Veyron. VERY expensive (a few million) and very freakin fast 250 mph +…..The other boys (pic6) are posing next to a Lamborghini not too sure which one but very fast and expensive too! Be hard pressed as to which id pick the boys or the cars….cause you can have the fast cars which definitely attract the boys like bees to honey!! Still keep the car and get more/different boys …?But the boys are so hot!!! I dunno?….Id have to ask ?..Would it be a one time thing with the boy or do I get to keep him?LOL,,, laugh ?????……Decisions,decisions !

      • Boys like bees to nectar, not bees to honey. The honey the bees create is from flower nectar. Then comes you. Boys to cars like you to honey / boys. HA HA Boys do come to fancy cars and old cars and Zimmer cars like bees to nectar. Surprise. No belief until witness it there is no belief in such as a thing. There is at the time ( there no more ) they take me to a parking lot with boys waiting sexually on the drivers of cars at night. Like servers. $$ but most times , by way of interviews with the drivers, VERY LITTLE cash requiring, just a drive around the area and maybe just in that lot. Go figure. The fanciest car gets the most attention. That’s 1980’s and ’90’s. Since then, and nowadays, nothing knowing. smile smile

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