23 thoughts on “Diver and swimmer

  1. If only I could get my birthday cake sculpted like a big boy diver’s body-chest-torso and have it taste like a real live boy, that would make my year good heart

  2. They are all lovely and 7 has me marvelling at the shapes he is making, while the beauty of 8 stopped me in my tracks for some time and then I delayed further after seeing 9! Thank you very much.

    • #6 is definitely not an Aussie boy.
      Triglav is a Slovenian insurance company operating in south east European countries.
      He has been shared here several times and i still don’t know his name or where he comes from, but i do find him very beautiful. :heart:

  3. Thank you for a lovely post.
    #1 #9 and #10 are really special to me. But others are great too. How can you not like any of these boys? Especialy with this kinda beautiful athletic body.

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