Happy brothers day !!

Today 24th May, we celebrate international brothers day.
If unlike me you were lucky enough to grow up with a brother you have no idea how lucky you are.
If you have that chance please, go hug your brother and let him know how much you love him and how much he means to you.
And when you do have a son one day, make sure he gets a brother to explore the world together and never gets to feel how unhappy and alone i feel right now. :cry:
Happy brothers day to all you brothers out there!! Both alive and those we lost ..


30 thoughts on “Happy brothers day !!

    • That’s very sad to hear. Those who have brothers usually always take each other for granted untill its too late.
      I know its not your fault and i don’t know your situation at all but maybe you could be the bigger person and contact them and remind them of all the good childhood years you spent together and how much they mean to you and how much you still love them after everything. And if still nothing happens at least you’ll know you tried.

      • Not everyone can say their brothers are brotherly not even friendly of old from childhood. The older brother moves to the army, 101st division paratroopers volunteer Viet Nam after getting the boy Scout Blue Ribbon. He tries to kill me. Mom stops him and he then joins with mom’s signature. dash The few encounters since makes him an _ drinks specialist. At over 50K a year, last time he writes. The younger brother is a liar. Says he is not gay by way of having a wife she begat a son whilst doing. His teen years with free record player, free records, free radio stereo, of the 1960’s, means to him, as he writes it, nothing but a way to survive, forgetting to write that such is while living at home laugh . Liar there, liare here. laugh laugh Since, he got SSD. Now lives a lie as a AA liar. Sister dead liar. Brother in Law liar. laugh laugh Survive and lose the love. Work to survive. Make the love. laugh laugh

    • laugh Family that plays together might not stay yougether laugh Family that preys together might be well feeding laugh Family that stays together inside might get up a bit hungry … laugh Sex of family of four might get four-bored and four-get any laugh Just a few bad jokes finding four family foundation funding fundamentalist fathers fucking ,,, laugh laugh . laugh You get it a start and others do better than this. laugh laugh

  1. You have shown some very beautiful examples of brothers and I am sure you know which photo is my favourite! I hope today will pass as well as it can for you, my friend, and I shall be thinking of you. Thank you for your post and for highlighting the day.

      • I can see how it would be very lonely to grow up as an only child! or only son! I was very fortunate to have an older brother of 17 months! he passed away in 2007, I was devastated, I do have a younger Half Brother, but I actually barely know him, I didn’t meet him until I was 17, he was 11, then I didn’t really get to know him until a few years ago when he chose to let himself be part of my family!

        My Niece and her Husband have a little boy who just turned 4, I’ve been trying to convince them to have another child, hopefully another boy! so he won’t grow up by himself! I truly hope they choose to! smile

    • Yes its the best. A best friend is great but at the end of the day he has to go home and you are once again left all alone.
      But your brother is your roomate and your soul mate. Forever and always Your everything….

  2. I do hear what you say about brothers. I had two older ones. One was kind to me and we remained friends until he passed away. The other was unkind to me from the start and we had little to do with each other until he passed away. I feel the loss of the first, but not of the second. Having brothers is a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s great; sometimes it’s not. I had two daughters and now have a grandson, whom I adore. I’m so sorry you’re unhappy. I believe we need to go with the relationships we can form and not worry about the ones we don’t have. Missing what we don’t have is painful and a waste of time. Try to be grateful for what you DO have.

    • Thank you for your comment. Same here. You are very lucky to have a son. Please always cherish your time with him as it goes by too fast. I have a BOB brother too. I learned the hard way you don’t need to be blood to be brothers!! :heart:

      • I love and cherish my son everyday because I know it will not be long before he is grown and on his own. As a single dad he is my life and I try not to take anything for granted.

    • Good Eye..alterboy..(like the name by the way)..That’s Florian and his bro and Dylan Patton and his bro….Both have very good hot sexy DNA !………”.Thanks you” to those boys parents!…You’ve produced some very hot boys!!!

  3. I didn’t even notice the two on the right are Dylan and Julian and even less did i know that beautiful Florian is actually a twin?
    I see many of you lost your brothers and that makes me very sad. But know that i would still do anything to be in your shoes even if i knew it wouldn’t last forever. Because the time you all spent with your brothers was so precious and nobody can never take that away from you.
    And trust me there is nothing worse than feeling bad for the chances you never had and now its too late.
    The only solace i get is from the BOB brothers here who are truly exceptional people. You know who you are and i love you all. Happy brothers day !!

  4. I have a younger bro who’s 15 turning 16 next Monday, but we’re not that close. We used to be so much closer when we were little, always playing video games with each other and watching tv together on weekends. We like each other still, but I guess we just grew apart. We both have different interests and I’m the quieter one while he’s the more outgoing one.

    • Hi Justin. I’m a quiet one too. It’s not a bad thing. Don’t feel bad for your brother enjoing his own thing. He’s in those crazy years now. Just wait for him on the other side. I’m sure you will be close again in a few years. I have two cousins who are 5 years apart from each other. As kids they were always fighting but now at 40 years old they get along and even have a business together. Life is really funny sometimes. Good luck to you and your bro.

  5. I have a brother and I am blessed because we have been everything to each other as in friends brothers and even lovers so I’m lucky but please if you have a brother and you don’t get on make the effort before it’s too late.

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