10 thoughts on “Oh Boys…

  1. There’s the new love of my life… BEAUTIFUL BOY WITH BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR AND JUST ALL OF HIM! SO glad he came up again. I also like the rest, but THAT one takes my breath away.

  2. Picture Number One numbs me … but it does not look right … nor does it cohere with another picture of the same guy as of the Picture Number Five. Both are Pure Love to me

  3. I have many of boy # 2 showing off his hot body and cute colored eyes and oh so hottest of all “braces”!!!..Ill try to post them soon! He is so captivating in recent pics but even more in the ones I have,Hes to die for cute im telling you! One of my top !! & 7 I like for his younger boy toothless smile real young but undeniably hot! I wish I could be his tooth fairy and be there when he puts that tooth under his pillow!..Id give him something very special!! yes

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