10 thoughts on “Tattooed Boys 2

  1. I read about it on the internet today. Parents should be mad about the tattoos (that will disappear after a while). The boys should need it and the guy who makes the tattoos should not do it on kids so young. I can’t find the article so soon. I will look for it later.

    • I fail to understand you. The tattoos are rinse off’s. Like the ones from any dollar store or out of cereal boxes. These here are bigger and blacker and grayer and more than the spit and apply ons but, still, all are wash offs. Miss something of your warning. Please pm if need to say it and I shall put out a warning 1000 times and places. OH ! The cute kids get to be a target ? Or, is the colorant a danger ? Or both ? Or something this raisin brain does not yet get aware of ? PLEASE ! rtfm pm me !

      • Quantium (my nemesis..lol laugh ) For once I agree with you!!! Alas my friend we agree! I too see nothing wrong with this as long as they are NOT permanent!!! I think It is like you say not too much different then the stick on kind they sell to kids anyway. Yes of course as long as its not harmful dyes or anything I think its cute! Let them ply make believe..that’s what boyhood is all about!

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