11 thoughts on “Tyler Kirshenbaum

  1. I know it’s a popular thing to ride the handrails, but I just keep picturing the cast on his arm, or worse. He’s too vain to wear a helmet? He’s too cute to lose his head about things like that, all puns intended.

  2. YouTube says ” Robert Sodervick ” and does not show nor name Tyler Kirshenbaum by way of the link http://www.youtube.com/robertsodervick [ from above ]. But go there anyway and ask for Tyler Kirshenbaum, him by name, in the box above, and click enter, and there he is, skateboarding up and down and around. I do not like real long hair on a guy except that he let it grow and then cut it, on and off, to eventually get rid of it as an adult, if and when. The way I still do, every six months. Ha Ha Fun stuff. My hair is not fun stuff. Well, in a way, it is, still is fun in a way. laugh laugh Tyler Kirshenbaum looks fun too laugh laugh and he is having fun. Bother him not … or as often as he allows but not more. Please.

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