Beauty Summer XXIII “Enjoying the nature Beach, sand, sun and the ocean”

Boys are boys. Inocent and gorgeous. . I love boys the way they deserve.

Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

They are not thinking about sex. They are enjoying their childhood. Do not do stupid and sexual comments please!

In memory of my Son that is an angel now.

Thanks all for your support messages!!

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Carefree boy in breeze

Carefree boy in breeze

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26 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXIII “Enjoying the nature Beach, sand, sun and the ocean”

  1. I have NEVER gotten that much sand stuck on me, and I loved to play in it. How do they do that? Is it the type of suntan lotion? LOL I was always trying to wash it off, not get it where it didn’t belong.

    • depends on the beach and depends on the shore and the edges … please note the distinctions … look at some ocean or big lake of volcano pour shore versus a rock end versus a pebble beach versus a sand line versus a mere dirt lakeside. The creeks and rivulets and the sides of such similars which have envulets and in-sides and crips ( not crypts though they do exist ! ) of a varieties. Get a vid of too much sand in the eye and ignore the distinct sidedness of a water flow. OUCH ! Bloood Bats … AAHHH ! Blood Bat Boy Love Jeaelous juice Sucker …. AAAHHHH ! Send it to me. No problems with them in my domain. laugh well, an vein twisping for feed, or two laugh ha ha

    • I am sure, because I imagine there is freedom of expression. Or Not?
      What is your problem?
      Although this blog is full of homosexual pedophiles and degenerates that make sexual comments to children 3 or 4 years.
      Each with their orientation, is their choice. B
      Why do you believe that several members have left this blog? Precisely because they are mature enough to describe the beauty of a child.
      Not like others who only see his crotch for imagine and making a jerk off, seeing a picture of a child.
      I don´t care to publish my sadness and your fucking opinion.
      I have friends here, they understand me and support me. yes

      I said
        and what?

      • Behind you 100% rusthy ,I hope the memories you have of your beautiful son are all happy ones , he and you are in my thoughts and prayers ,thank you for your continued fight for the freedom of an innocent childhood ,God bless you xxx obi heart

    • THIS IS THE APPROPRIATE PLACE FOR HIM TO BE POSTING – – – – This a common expression of un-ease, and the current political climate, so to speak, is … … Let there be something for example ==> Andrei of imgsru is in jail over in the European East Land 2016 and, as explanation, they say the fact of that is is not appropriate as put there, they say so on twenty websites. A guy so many get pictures from but who himself has no ® nor © nor common rights … they use him and then say there is no appropriate something nor anything for him to be anybody writing about him being in jail on any gay web site. They take from his free and very OH so very popular pictures yet deny him any freedom.
      – – – – The gay community is a now LGBT, not gay / queer / homo, and is led by lesbians leading the T’s. Go figure.
      – – – – Is this appropriate ? Go figure.

      • I don´t know if you are supporting me or criticizing me.
        I have nothing against sexual minorities, but I can not stand the stupidities that some men comment here.
        If I put a photo with a pretty boy, with beauty legs, face, body, skin.
        All they do is say things in sexual sense. (Hot, Yummi, I want this boy in my bed, amazing their bulge, etc)

        That comment is appropriate? When the photo is of an innocent boy , that could be a brother, son, nephew, cousin.
        Please, I know that exist pedophiles, but this blog isn´t for that sense. Or NOT?

  2. I think the beauty and cuteness of a child is real but can be beyond my wildest dreams, like hoping to see them again in heaven. So I don’t mean to be way “out there” when saying I get excited about them-it’s an emotional feeling.

    • One boy is blessing when they come to your life, all the things change.
      Care, cuddles, sadness and hapinnes, be angry and gray green.
      Their challenges that become in yours challenges. The Smile, crying, all feelings together when a boy is in yours arms. Problems and difficults, all for your boy.

  3. Personally I doubt you had a son because if you did you would not use him as a screen for your preaching. Your opinions are the very thing which lead many boys to be abused and used by the legal system, The idea of younger males being innocent and pure is bull shit. The idea sex is harmful is the cause for many of us to be hounded and persecuted. Your moralizing and holier than thou preaching needs to be somewhere else. If you feel as you do why do you post pictures which can stimulate sexual responses?
    In the United States they hold 14 year olds legally accountable for crimes and try them as adults, yet the same 14 year old who can be sent to prison for the rest of their lives cannot legally say yes to sexual relations with a man they love and who loves them. The hypocrisy and trauma opinions like yours allows is the foundation for all trauma and harm suffered by the young people who you so righteous pretend to care about.
    It is people like you who have motivated me to stop posting here and not engaging in the forums, because people with little minds like yours can never see the truth. I am so sick of your comments with your posts I had to write this or explode.

    • and where is the gay community ? It is as if they do not exist. Asa a community, they are indeed there, with bars and drugs, etc, , and with a newspaper here in the area. DEAD

    • Thanks for your opinion.
      If you believe or not is your problem.
      And Sure, I have three childrens.
      I agree with you in some way. But I don´t have trauma and my intention is not the hypocrisy.
      I saw in this blog for something different in the begin and I have a little disenchant too.
      But, not come you to treat me hypocritical, with little mind, and that I have trauma.
      Who do you think you are? Mister Perfect, with the open mind
      I could be wrong, but why you are here too? Who is hypocritical?
      All the guys here are hypocritical?

      what is the truth? according to you

    • Your “btw, pic six… , see…nothing bad happened” just made my day. I had to hold my sides for laughing so hard. That was the best point of this whole commentary that’s erupted. LOL! But for real. On the one hand, if someone posts in a place that is KNOWN for it’s BL comments, why keep posting then? (Every right to continue to do so, mind you.) But don’t expect them to stop commenting the way they like, relativity and reality check. Salmon’s swim upstream, but they die doing it. When I make a comment about a young boy it’s not because I will ever be, but I could wish to be that age again, and I was sexually active at five. I remember REALLY well, and I’d love to be the same age as these boys and ALL kinds of fun like that again. And yes, sex was a part of that fun. Why should I deny that part of me because other folks didn’t have those kinds of feeling until they were middle aged? My comments are about memories, fantasies, and wishes. Signed, Peter Pan.

  4. I agree with you 100% beast,don’t let small minded bigots who are just on the forums or blogs to play with people’s minds or indulge themselves stop you from having your say.There are too many people in the world who want to act as judge and jury and deny others from speaking because they don’t like it so continue to speak up.

  5. Please, look my next post.

    And you can see the comments after.

    My post have not any sexual escene, or sexual sense.
    But some sick, all they see is sex.

    I Will not do beast case, I´ll continue criticing, to the sick

  6. WoW……and I thought that I got into it at times on other sites with opposing opinions from other members!! sad I didn’t and don’t come here to troll or pick fights with people! I came here somewhat by accident….I was looking for a place to see boys in whatever way I could LEGALLY see them!!! (P.S. the store catalogs and back to school ads weren’t quite cutting it anymore!!! LOL,,, laugh ) Somehow after searching and typing I was redirected to this site I never heard of the site called “boysblogspot” first by the title I thought it was going to be a site were boys all blogged (silly me huh? help ) you know maybe blogged about school ,social events,girls,music- etc,etc,….. But to my amazement and joy it showed pics of hot ass young boys that were of my liking!! Now I know there are guys of all types, or people I should say, that like or don’t like young or old anything!!..We all have our preference’s.I have some gay friends who only like a certain race or sexual age etc etc…Some I know don’t see the attraction to anyone that’s young or even younger, Some don’t know my AoA ,One does,,Although he doesn’t share my views he doesn’t judge me. I try not to be too judgmental,although I think its human nature to do so!…I remember liking boys as far back as first grade and all through junior high etc….I knew I liked boys and not just “males”…Boys!…..I often see comments on here about boys that I consider to be “babies” to me…too little for ME to be sexually attracted to them but still I think they are cute! I see them and may say “Oh man when he’s a little older he’s gonna be hot” and maybe even wanna hug him or kiss him or just be around him and admire his beauty but wouldn’t have any kind of sex with him! But most of us have our “youngest” and oldest (again AoA) Limit right? BUT I don’t say that the guy who likes really little boys is a pedophile or a sicko…That’s HIS preference and while I may not like or agree with it, How can I judge him/her for it when I may be considered just as sick by another person who thinks my AoA is sick? I don’t consider myself a pedo!..I have and can have sex with a legal adult (14 in some places,16 in others and 18 in most others) Would I rather have it with my AoA YUP But its not as if they have to be a boy (under 18-a minor).From the definition a pedo is someone who’s only sexually aroused,and only wants to have sex and is attracted to underage people only. If I have a thing with an 18 year old you can bet its because he looks 15 or 16! I’m not afraid to admit I like them young, but I don’t HAVE TO -have an underage boy to be aroused. So am I a pedo? I don’t think so? But to others I must be if I see a boy and think of him sexually and wish I could have sex with him,NOT forced or coerced but consensual! Im NOT trying to take anyone’s side here but I cant imagine posting any pics here and expect anyone else not to make comments that are in a sexual nature if they are so inclined to do so, Yes I do understand that some boys of certain ages or any BOYS for that matter are just beautiful to just look at…Like the Banner says “The Beauty of Boys” and they are beautiful each in their own way…But ONE cannot control what another is going to see or think or feel or SAY. If I felt that way it would only take one or two visits to this site to figure out what the general consensus was as far as what the majority of users are feeling here, and if I knew that some if not most of the comments were geared towards sexual rather then non sexual attraction I personally would cease posting anymore pics especially of any family. That’s just me of course! Anyone has the right to post and comment but you cannot control what someone will say or think. Personally I look at some of these boys and admire their beauty and other times(most) I admire it and am attracted to them Yes sexually! What can I say? inlove There are plenty of sites that are family oriented that are probably more suited to display pictures of family/kids that would be more appropriate in my humble opinion, Another words if I had kids that I didn’t want to be viewed (or commented about sexually) I wouldn’t post them here .Its kind of like smelling smoke but not expecting fire?…..Going to the beach and not getting sand on your feet? Getting wet in the rain?,,Get It?…..Yes you have the RIGHT…..but that’s not always “right”.

    • Well stated. If you’re a member you can look at Rusty’s profile then look at ALL his beautiful posts. There are some fantastic boys in all kinds of living life conditions. And amazingly, many with VERY erotic pictures. NO ONE looking at them could deny that about those pictures, or why THOSE KINDS of shots were posted in the first place. Of coarse they’re not JUST for artistic enthusiasms.

    • I´m agree with you, I can´t control what someone will say or think.
      In the begining I saw this blog of different way, But is full of all. Maybe I should have more tolerance, but this is the reason. I have not tolerance with pedophiles. I know who they are but I don´t have tolerance with them, is all.

      I´m Sorry, my friends. Tolerance is the word.

  7. Sorry the word for you is INTOLERANCE !… are calling people “Pedophiles” and you don’t even know them,You say that you thought this site was different but now that you know otherwise you still post pictures and tell users not to look at them sexually! I took *Woluf up on the task of viewing ALL of your posts… Some,,and to me only a few are just boys and are innocuous just regular everyday (some very good artistically and photographically ) what I would call g-rated family type appropriate ok but … C`mon good man are you seriously saying that NONE of those are sexual in nature?. You mean the “summer ix” of yours?. You even challenge everyone to “NOT” look at the crotch and look at the fish…so YOU ARE seeing the crotch too and know it will be looked at in a sexual way and quite a few other shots of boys with more then obvious crotch shots with bigger then “normal” bulges aren’t sexual in their content? and what about the pics with half their butt cheeks hanging out….That’s not sexually exploitive?….I think you need to take a look at “The man in the mirror” and ask yourself why you are so intent on posting sexually suggestive pics of boys when you already know they will be (more then likely according to you) looked at in a sexual nature by some?…YOU ARE EXPLOITING THEM ,,,with each and every matter what you think or kid/lie to yourself about what your true intentions were/are. Its IS your right to have no tolerance for pedophiles, but I also wonder were else your tolerance wanders?. Should blacks still be slaves?/Should women be able to vote?/Should homosexual be beheaded? Asians interned? Etc….Etc… Sorry for you but for you the word is (ignorance) and “INTOLERANCE”

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