18 thoughts on “Devil Boy!

    • Who ? even as a mad you, you do no such thing no such thing at all. have fun maybe but no other laugh no touch either … ou be nice yes you will … or The Blood Bats … and them beware…

  1. Boys are beautiful and sweet! But they can be seductive too! And why not?! SEX IS FUN!! I myself have coaxed several men into giving me what I wanted at that age. This beautiful young lad reminds me of myself at that age! Beautiful boy! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Figure there is only one thing to ‘do’ with him is to wait til he grows up even if ‘he’ asks and even if ‘he’ insists. You have one job and you do it til he grows up if you like it or not, if he likes it or not. Reality you have to fight for.

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