Someone I Know From School

His name is Eldin and I’ve had a crush on him ever since freshman year.



This is him when he was younger.



7 thoughts on “Someone I Know From School

  1. Better to not follow a crush this way. Stalking is what he might say and it looks as if that is what is being done here and it looks as if you are stalking him and stalking him sexually with intent to make use of him sexually. AND YOU PUT IT OUT ON LINE. Proof of stalking. Proof of harassment. Proof of sexual intent. Automatic ‘proof’ by YOUR public advertisement. Proof of sexual harassment by YOUR public show of him as YOUR sex object. He becomes YOUR sex object, legally, by YOUR making him one by YOUR show and tell by YOUR WRITING and by it all being here on this site. He might love you or like you but … jail for you, local, state, federal. STOP ! … you must find a love. STOP – – – – NOW

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