5 thoughts on “Vitaly Melnik News

  1. LOVE this young muscle bull…would love to body build the stud…then put him in the rasslin’ ring with a muscle buck of color…MORE of him PLEASE…

    • he is of color. white is a color. black is a color. what color do you mean ? ask an artist. ask artist sales people what colors they actually sell. human being of no color be invisible. without a color there is no differentiating. even an albino human being ( or animal ) has color, however odd to the black and white people of color they are bourn into. the they who insist they are born of a color as they most 100% ‘often’ are, by this awareness and intent conversing and discovery, mere racists, and no less racist than the they that they insist have no color. albinos are of all disregard. color is real. otherwise, go blind and see the difference. ha ha laugh laugh

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