12 thoughts on “Just shirtless (15)

  1. IFF there is a choice, it is Picture Number Seven, he with the SPRITE, the CocaCola, the earphone, the black jeans, the LA hat, and the dance. Give me that underpant. HA HA laugh Save the guy in Picture Number Nine !

  2. The intent is the show of love heart for the guy in PICTURE NUMBER SEVEN. He is a wow and a pure heart . The intent is also to save a guy from what looks like abuse showing in PICTURE NUMBER NINE, with his fingers asking it, the ” no violence ” sign plus the thumb warning sign. Any ? pm and show and tell

  3. Number one is so hot, bet he’s proud of those abs, would love to kiss all over them. Number six is cute too, and I wonder what the boy with the ice cream in the last pic is doing with his hand laugh

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