The Boy

His eyes are the eyes of a boy growing old
Deep down inside there’s a story untold
He’s sad, then he laughs a while
He’ll look at me and then he’ll smile
I’m in love
I’m in love with that boy.




Till I met him, I never thought
That love could feel this way
My nights were filled with lonely dreams
That grew worse with each passing day
I used to walk the streets at night
With, really, no place to go
But loneliness is a part of my past
A million tears ago.




When I stand by his side
My heart’s full of pride
I look up at his face
And I know among giants he’ll hold his place




So proud, so bold, so strong to behold
Do you think that people are being fair
‘Cause they all fear he’s too young to care?
But I don’t here what people say
Our love will grow stronger with each passing day
Oh, I’m in love
I’m in love with that boy.


– George Morton / The Shangri-Las

19 thoughts on “The Boy

  1. The last picture is number ten of this post and is of a guy so pure these eyes get wet. cry Not a new photo nor the first time anyone puts this photo out. Go to war to protect him. anger Can not do that – – – – the violent protecting of him he might not even want nor care. You do not defend your own beauty ? Others do that ? Guess ? This guy is worth a defense of his beauty and a violent protect even if he loves not one of any of us or not even likes any one of any of us. smile smile

  2. Pics 1,2,3… “babies” I like to call them are cute to me in a non sexual way (not my AoA) They are innocent little things that are so adorable!..But the OTHERS Okay that’s in my wheel house yes ..Cue faces sexy bodies…way too hot!

  3. Forgot to say that Picture Number Seven is of a guy too cute to ignore. More of him such pm PLEASE. hHe looks as if he is looking down at us. Know better. More of him pm. PLEASE. good GOOD GUY. Also, does anyone know of the guy in Picture Number Ten ? PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE either of these.

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