Beauty Summer XXIV “My own mechanic”

Boys are boys. Inocent and gorgeous. . I love boys the way they deserve.

Please never touch a child !! Never hurt him !!

They are not thinking about sex. They are enjoying their childhood. Do not do stupid and sexual comments please!

In memory of my Son that is an angel now.

Thanks all for your support messages!!48141561xkH 48141555kGv 48141552OwX imgsrc.ru_48141551TvM imgsrc.ru_48141550jks 48141547Jcp 48141545mEH 48141543Gra imgsrc.ru_48141538KUK 48141540XRY

12 thoughts on “Beauty Summer XXIV “My own mechanic”

  1. I’d still be testing my brakes before I drive , laugh another beautiful post thankyou rusthy ,you have my love and support ,keep up the fight and keep his memory safe in your heart xxx obi

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