17 thoughts on “Best job ever

  1. @ 4:40 come on!! That shits gotta be illegal! no He literally stuck half his hand up that kids crack!!!…See how when he pulled his undies half way down to expose that sweet boys bum he looks like he was going to stick his fingers/hand in skin to skin…… then as an after thought pulled his undies back! I swear that’s what I saw……All I know is that’s one lucky man! Id do that job for free…..okay id pay them!! laugh

  2. There’s a lot of these physical exam videos on YouTube and they’re like no exam I’ve ever had. Not understanding the language I don’t understand the diagnostic value of staring at, touching, and occassionally manipulating a boy’s barely clad body. Still, the boy doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable or being taken advantage of, and it’s nice to watch.

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