13 thoughts on “Cute Ball Boy

  1. Wow, what a beautiful skinny kid! Looks like he got a nasty injury on his chest, on the rib just below his right nipple. I could kiss it and make it feel better ;)

  2. Cute performance for the photographer. good He is also a cute guy and performing for the photographer. laugh good yes He needs maybe a ____ and say no more laugh laugh and a nice ball for him he holds ha ha

  3. Love me some blondes/ dirty blondes with braces. Had a boylover with dirty blonde hair and beautiful green,green eyes with braces that I just loved and he loved me ! We couldn’t keep our hands or our mouths off each other!! He was so sexy. I miss him! heart inlove hug This boy reminds me of him although (no offense to this boy) My BL was way more attractive! good

  4. He’s got an amazing thin but muscular body! I could stare at it forever, and if ever I could touch it… my hands would be everywhere. Is there more of this boy? Please, please, please share if there are.

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