Cute Swedish Boyfeet

Hi Guys. I am certain I posted these picks before but they seem to be gone although they are in my media. I assume they did not make it to the new server, so I will share them again.

17 thoughts on “Cute Swedish Boyfeet

  1. Never really got into the “foot fetish”much before no ,Once as a boy had a guy I met up with want me to NOT wash my feet before our “hook up” and I thought to myself EEEWWW! He sucked me and then my toes, He was going off on them tootsie and I was like UUMMM…I don’t get it? shock Get back to the best thing hanging over here? laugh But I am starting to get a little tingle now over boys little cute sweet feet! I don’t think it would replace my “other” favorite sucking parts (no way!) but im kinda getting a lil turned on here! With THESE cute BOY feet !

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