6 thoughts on “its a Kart life and they love it.

  1. You are way way wah wah too old for them … laugh … they are too young for you … laugh …. They are old enough to know better laugh they are old enough to be aware that you are too old for them … laugh You are too old, period laugh you like but you are too old to stick laugh Your diapers are too big for them, you being so, gasp, old laugh Your undies are too tire marked brown, you old man laugh Just kidding laugh just kidding laugh there and understand a little bit old tit a bit laugh

  2. Great TV show hope it comes back this year!! I love Cars and any type of racing especially when it comes to cars and boys and racing yes laugh GOOGLE ” Dylan Tavella” from pic #1 and youll see a hottie ,Hes obviously an Italian boy has a cute face,green eyes and hot boy braces! Also J.T. Southern(first pic far right in yellow) is another racer that’s HOT…alloy of theses boys are between 11&15 depending on the race category. They are all cuties.

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