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  1. HOT . Yea, #5 is Aaron Carter and #9 is one of the Sprouse twins. I’m putting my money on Cole Sprouse. That face is unmistakable as being one of them but it was very hard to tell the difference until a bit after puberty started. In case you don’t know who they are, they’re the hot twins that played the boy in Big Daddy (with Adam Sandler) and the twins from Suite life of Zack and Cody as well as Suite Life on Deck. Two super cute shows. Watch them (there are shirtless scenes of them in both series). Great shows too. Google Dylan Sprouse now. He got super hot and fit. Cole Sprouse looks anemic and anorexic now lol.

  2. OK, so they are all hot to / for me. But #4 with skateboard and braces really got me off! thanks for the post.

    • Agree something about that sk8r boy and his braces is a turn on!!!…Guess cause I have a fetish for both!! yes Liked Aaron when he was young/ 7 his eyes/ 8 all plus that hot body and 8 cause hes so freakin cute!

  3. An amazing selection of boys… all cute and sexy. No exceptions!
    #1 is Iman. Russian perhaps?
    #2 Rockers beautiful boys are always on the top of my rank!
    #4 typical look of an american boy…
    #8 wow… What a perfection!!

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