14 thoughts on “SUMMER IS NEAR 3

      • Maybe by June 23, maybe by then, you will earn a down town Philly Tasty Clair … or a similar sweet … and the cost of all will be on me. Just pm and ask, or, demand, as it is a promise here. 15th street underground where it is cool ? HOT and HUMID here, however normal. OH. Forget. What is the site that does the tape at the corners as if the photos are in a book ? Can not find him anymore. Lost it all. Please tell me ! ( Worth a brownie creame plus coffee and milk and busfare. ) ( Not 1% nor 2% milk, ick, but full flavor milk mmm ! laugh ) smile Am 150 feet outside Philly, I count, and the bus stop is closer.

  1. 2, love the string speedo were are these boys? Europe I guess! 4-is like standing at attention I love it want it NOW lol and 6 is almost showing hairless boy ball sack area…..Oh why cant we see more!!!

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