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  1. WOW ! ” You Can’t Do That On Television ”. The LGBT movement stops such of any of all such on tv and even on the internet such stuff they stop and erase and stop all of any of any such anywhere. The GAY movement and Sex Liberation movement in the USA and GB revert to worse than puritan eviscerate and become worse than pure water in a bottle ( pay extra for it ! ). laugh GOOD reminder is this post. BEWARE ! yes good

  2. @Guy:

    It’s from an old kids sketch comedy show called You Can’t Do That On Television. The bit is that the adult is a producer or whatever, and he tells the boy who is in the white t-shirt, “You can’t wear white on TV! It will wash out the camera and blend into the background!” or something to that effect, demanding he takes off his shirt, his white undershirt, his white jeans, and then, when it turns out he’s wearing tighty whities (the standard of theday)………”No, no. Nooooo way!”

    Just a silly, funny gag.

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