20 thoughts on “cute-cuter-the cutest;-)

  1. I’ve just been hit by archery boy’s arrow. It’s a good job that the boys in pics 1, 8 &9 haven’t got bows and arrows, otherwise I’d be in a bit of a bad way by now.

    • They do look as dancing and they are the sweetest chocolates on this post, to me. Remember dancing with a guy to the breeze and to the feeling of simply being nice ? Long boyhood ago. REAL. Lost. sniff mmmff make me cry cry wow. Why sites like this exist. dash laugh

  2. Love pic # 3 for the low angle towards the sweetness! # 4 for how cute theses boys look slow dancing hot boy body to hot boy body yummy!..8 for his hotness even with a shirt on and my fav…# 8 Cupid hottie!!!..Not only does he have a perfect boy body he has a very cute looking face!! Shoot me baby,shoot it!!!!

  3. Look at the background of the shot of the two boys dancing “hot boy body to hot boy body”. What is this utopia they are playing in? If I were there I wouldn’t know where to look first.

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