14 thoughts on “Fotos Variadas

    • Ever wonder why girls dress less yet complain more ? laugh Whore more nor more id and is a two thousand + year old male complaint, in writing. laugh Freud creates the concept ‘ id ‘ from the confessions and reactions of others … id is sexy ! laugh Freud is not sexy … he says he writes as dry as he can … guess why ! Now feminists hate him because he hides the what he witnesses as his people they confess such wetnessing and … laugh laugh laugh and more gore and goo he writes not of but only hints at as dry as he can … laugh laugh laugh Dry humor is Freud.

  1. The last boy is so hot, I watch his youtube videos. I love looking at the muscles in his chest and stomach expand and contract while he lifts weights – and despite being such a hunk, he has no armpit hair and his voice hasn’t even changed!

    • Okay so you like you watch hot boys who work out on YouTube? Check out the video titled “14 year old bodybuilder progress video3″ by” Joutchkov.” On YouTube… This little hottie had me at this video<He had just turned 14..Looks 12 with Braces, is of Russian descent and is so hot!!! While he shows off his hot young boy body ..Ill challenge you to NOT work on YOUR body laugh If you see this kid!!! He's HOT…. * sorry but im crappy at trying to download things ,but when I get up to speed ill start to post more of what I see/have to share with members!

    • Thanks so much for the heads up! I did a Google image search on the picture of him here and found “Blackshirts-N- Barbells”. I agree with you. Watching his muscles flex and hearing that little boy voice come out of that stud body is a real turn-on!

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