fresh boyo collages

after a desperate attempt to upload images, i was faced with error messages. so i had to use a photohost site to insert img url. and apparently, i got no help from the staff after addressing the problem, big fail.


9 thoughts on “fresh boyo collages

  1. wow you are really unkind.
    After that post, you should not thinking that we will still spend one minute of thinking for your problem. and by the way i do not really think there is a problem here, because then it would not work for the other members too. But it does no matter more for me.

  2. I hope you’re talking about the staff at the photo host site and not here, because the staff here is pretty much one person who has dedicated a huge amount of time, effort, and probably money to keep this wonderful site going for us. If you’re getting errors it’s either you or your browser, because posting here is pretty straightforward and easy to figure out.

  3. Iv had a couple of problems but that was just my slow brain not reading things properly ,sascha does an amazing job keeping all us fussy buggers happy ,so I say three cheers for sascha ! drinks good

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