18 thoughts on “Nice boys

    • This a cropped version of the photo as I remember it. I think there is another from a different angle. You might think the adult is excited if you see his face. I figure it just a male thing, father and child, liking each other. If there is a genital ‘arousal’, not all such erection is sexual, it may be and often is merely genital. the thing does not sleep. Ever wake up having to have a hard on pee ? or, just have a wake up hard on ? or, a hard on from exercise or while playing ? or, a hard on just because you like some one, no sexual feeling, just a plain like ? There is the spanking and slapping hard on ‘arousal’, absolutely not sexual. The sex-perts are of differing opinions about all this. There is the hanging hard on and the death by violence hard on but also the military violence survival hard on. There is the wrestling hard on and the boxing hard on. GO FIGURE. There is also the need to ‘do it’, nobody around to make it happen, just a ‘full sack’. &c &c laugh Not all guys are the same, either. laugh

      • I cropped the picture myself.I love the picture of the boy being intimate and close to someone but I didn’t think it would be allowed by the moderates if it was uncropped but it’s still nice to see a good looking boy at ease in that way.

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