11 thoughts on “Abe chronologicalls

    • With all due respect, he still is sweet AND cute.

      Not commenting on you in particular, but I hope we don’t dump boys just because they commit the ‘sin’ of growing up.

  1. What I love about this guy is his pride. He’s not afraid to say anything about his preference. I honestly don’t think anyone should care what other people think about being gay and thry shouldn’t be afraid to show any relationship they have.

  2. I remember this video, I stumbled onto it on YT a few years ago! I’ve thought about him often, I wondered what kind of response he got from his classmates and friends! good ones I hope! Like mikeyp stated, it was very brave of him to come out like that, especially not know how the community around him might react! I’m sure he probably had some trouble, but I truly hope everything worked out for him in the long run! in the vid he seemed like a very warm and caring person! and I wish him the best in life! smile hug

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