Airsoft Angel 3

OMG, so my bro and I went to get supplies for Monday’s games, and at the store, my angel was there with his big bro and dad.  Damn he is so cute.  It is weird how good he makes me feel when I am around him.  Just being near him feels great, I wish I could  return the favor.   He seems so nice and full of life.



Airsoft Angel1 Airsoft Angel2 Airsoft Angel3

10 thoughts on “Airsoft Angel 3

  1. I will send whatever I can get. I like to share, but I am a little nervous of getting pics of him. I am not all that great at it, and it seems they are all sideways. Why is that? On my pc they are upright, why are they uploading sideways? I hopefully will see him next weekend, my bro got his father’s cellphone number and we are trying to see if he, and/or his sons have facebook. Can’t wait to see more of him. Damn he is cute

  2. He is hot Get more of him close up!!! …The only problem I have with him is he’s a Chicago Blackhawks fan!!! I guess ill give him a pass just this once!!! laugh One request Can you “crop” the old guy out of the next pics… yes

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