8 thoughts on “Wild America Actors

  1. I agree, very under-rated and not the only time that JTT and Devon Sawa combined well in a largely unappreciated film. The first time I saw a photo of Jonathan heart was on the cover of a teen magazine. It had quite an impact on me and from then on I was an ardent fan of Home Improvement and all things Jonathan.
    It is sad that his career as an actor fell apart when his appeal to people of all ages, and both sexes, dwindled as he grew older. Financially, I feel he is secure but I am sure he would have liked to have continued acting successfully for longer than he did. Many thanks for the memories this post has provoked.

  2. I remember buying that movie on VHS when it came out and putting it in slow mo when there was like a two second shot of JTT’s chest. And Devon was just as HOT!!! So was the other guy that played their older brother.

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