24 thoughts on “[Hot] Delicious Brothers!

  1. Thanks, they are indeed very HOT and I am sure delicious. Yum, thanks for the post.

  2. They are really lovely and so lucky to have each other. :heart: :hug:
    You can have all the money and all the most gorgeous girls in the world, but nobody can never ever give your heart what your brother can. :cry:

  3. I’ve seen pic No.7 before, but it’s great to see more photos of these two beautiful boys. They are absolutely wonderful, and their personalities simply jump out at you. Yes, they are hot and delicious, and in case anyone hadn’t noticed, they’ve got super boy legs as well.

  4. God I wish I had a brother as close to me as they are. The relationship is beautiful and so clearly portrayed. Thank you so much for posting them!

  5. Very hot sexy boys!!! Ive had brothers once! unfortunately not at the same time But it was a turn on for sure, and a first for me!!! don’t think they knew? T inlove hough both had different things going on down there!! and were different enough to enjoy each for his own attributes, but i have to say the younger of the two was hotter and wanted and did more then older bro would do ….I would love to have these two ,one at a time or both…who wouldn’t!!!!?????

  6. Ive had brothers once. Boy was that a turn on!! Not at the same time unfortunately but at different times ,Don’t think they knew though?? They were both different in many ways one blonde,the other brown,One was packin more ,But Id have to say the younger of the two was(blonde) more sexy then his older bro,and was willing to do a lot more and for longer,We were little lovers id have to say….Just knowing I had two brothers was a big turn on!!!

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