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  1. Great pics. We finally know what Scotsmen wear under their kilts! But any way you look at it, he’s a beautiful and very athletic boy!!!!

  2. I love him! ive been focused on the shirtless pics but I love the first pic where he’s wearing his shirt open and you can still see his stomach and sternum.

  3. ‘Traditionally’ boys always wore black or green undies under the kilt. The tradition I assume dates from nineteenth century, before that, almost certainly too poor for anything other than a rag both as kilt and under garment.

  4. Yeah buddy! I couldn’t help but zoom in on his adorable face shock inlove joy blush I love the boy wearing kilts. Why take off underwear and let the little birdie be seen? That would ruin the fun at the event he was competing in, and would have lead to his disqualification for improper dress and most serious, indecent exposure.

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