14 thoughts on “TOP 10 andrey kostash

  1. I like him best in the first photo. But I can’t help but think what he’s going to look like not too far away, like his father? He’s cute now, but look what muscle building did to his dad.

    • He’ll be hideous as soon as his voice drops, he sprouts body hair, and hormones turn his body into an absurdity, with muscles on top of muscles and veins a-poppin’ out everywhere. Until then we get to enjoy his youthful beauty and awesome body.

    • Woluf….Im laughing at your post ^^^^ That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Sorry if I offend any old/older people but oh my god YUK,,,I mean next time crop that old dude out of the next pics!!… laugh I only hope little boy steroid doesn’t end up like daddy!. Maybe he will take on his mommas genes and come out prettier?..He has a cute face and yeah his body is built. And id probably do him but???…. but TOOOOOOO much 4 me! I like `em skinny,scrawny…and even skinny/defined etc..But I don’t want a mini Schwarzenegger!!!! shock If he will look like daddy..”I wont be back” lol laugh

  2. Have seen these and have bunch more.
    It’s all a matter of personal preference, like people who prefer chubby boys and in some cases morbidly obese chubby boys . Neither of which to I ascribe. However, a well built,
    ( if I dare say ) a muscular young athlete such as a swimmer, diver, gymnast, wrestler or body builder such as Andrey above is featured . It is not a contentious point with myself.
    BTW. I am supposedly a registered user but for some reason can’t login. Keep getting ( error messages )
    If the administrator is available can you help me? Would love to share.

  3. Oh Well! If nothing can be done then I will just have to content myself by “drinking your milkshakes”. As referenced in a Oscar winning movie. Do you know which one?

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