14 thoughts on “A “Bring-back faves” from Archives

  1. #1 has a body to die for… I want to touch and lick it all over. Mmmm. Then there’s the perennial favorite, David Padgett. (#6 and #7). If it weren’t for Johnny Hot-Bod at the start of this post, he’d be the top beauty as he usually is.

  2. Yeah 1 hot cute love to have that body to love on!!, 4 hot too cute lil face and I like his strong boy pose!!! 6&7 another hot boy.. #8 what can I say except the same thing hot & and cute love his dimples!!

  3. David Padgett of Picture Numbers Six and Seven make me wish for a hundred more of him. smile Please tell where any more can be got please. pm details and get a free handshake. smile [ Picture Number One looks as if too much blush and lip color. ]

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