16 thoughts on “Airsoft 3 (con’t)

    • Agree ^^^ Very sexy young boy voice ,cute boy!!! Id love to anything with him, just to be around him would be hard to contain my attraction to him. Hard on city baby!!!! ..and does he have braces? Looks kinda like he does? Oh that would make me bust a nut!!!

  1. Yeah, that’s his dad. A big fella, but oblivious to my stalkings of his cute son. He actually makes it easier at times. He was in the way of the camera alot, but that’s because I am pretty new to using my phone at a spycam. I’ll get better though.

  2. Okay, NOW I get it! Sometimes I bypass the videos’ and then come back later. (they take tooooo long to load in my mornings) He’s REALLY CUTE IN LIVE MODE! I love his voice and the way he moves.

  3. what kind of place is that ? some kind of sports locker room ? why is the dad even there ? uh-oh. ha ha. laugh do not believe you are outside notice … too easy in such a confine to see you. have fun meanwhile. smile

    • It’s a place where we buy supplies for airsofting. I wish it was a locker room. His dad is the one who really likes playing, but his kids are starting to get into it. We should be playing tomorrow unless the weather is bad. He should be there, my brother texts his dad all the time. Not me yet.

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