Dreaming the impossible dream ..

Meet Bryan, my favorite boy, my guardian angel, the one reason my heart beats faster every time i see his photo, and the one person in this world who can pull me up when I’m down and put a smile back on my unhappy face.
What i would give to have the chance to give him the biggest hug in the world, to gently lean my face next to his just to feel the goodness and love of the amazing young man that he is, to rest my weary head on his beautiful chest and to feel loved by his good heart of gold just for one moment, just once before i die.
I know it’s crazy to love so much someone i never met, but you can’t blame a guy for dreaming the impossible dream on his birthday.
I love you Bry, :heart: you brought so many happy moments to my life and you gave me so much to hope for and i would probably not be here writing this now if it wasn’t for you, and I’ll probably never get a chance to tell you how much you mean to me. I hope you are truly happy in your young life and never get to know what sadness and pain is.

This is Tyler, Bryan’s brother. He got under my skin and stole my heart when i wasn’t looking. I love you Ty, and i wish you nothing but true happiness in your life. You are one of a kind. :heart: 20949632qTw

The most beautifu example of honest, true and pure brotherly love. I love you guys. Always be good to each other.20272564zuv

19 thoughts on “Dreaming the impossible dream ..

  1. Blue Eyes this boys are beautiful and wonderful little angels
    Their are for me my little brothers
    But your words for this boys, are best in the world
    I love very little boys feet with all my soul and heart
    God bless little boys

  2. Gorgeous! Sorry, BluEyes, but I missed this post first time round! Bryan is very beautiful and I always love to see him and I like to see him with Ty too. Thank you for another special post. Happy Birthday, my friend.

  3. Yes Blueyes I share your sentiments and think as you do too! Were as for now you may think it is an “Impossible dream”for you- one cannot rule out such love for you in the future? As the song lyrics go “Sometimes dreams do come true”…While it may not be these two, It maybe another for you. I too have fallen in love/lust for some I have never known(like pics or a passing stranger) or may have seen once or quite often! I have had boys/friends that I fell in love with some knew and others didn’t have the slightest clue! I wanted them so bad it actually hurt when I wasn’t around them and I would be sad. Did it hurt…Hell Yeah!…did I suffer in silence ,Yup! Have I had some of my dreams come true…YES (Luckily “some” did) What I would call a”dry spell” comes and goes.Some hot boys I liked ended up being lovers, some friends with benefits…others that I was brave enough to express my love for rejected the love interest part BUT were cool enough about it to still remain friends with me….Was I sad because they didn’t want to have sex/love with me? Sure was!!! ..It totally sucked ,Was I depressed,Yup…. but eventually I got over it and found someone else who was just as sexy,just as hot,just as caring etc…..You WILL find that special someone, It may not be today or tomorrow But it WILL HAPPEN ! yes OOpps sorry sorry I got a little carried away here?/………Oh about the pics you posted, I can see why you love these boys I DO TOO! I would want either or both laugh of them the way you do too!!!! They are very cute and sexy boys!!! Good Luck !

    • Thank you but i do not feel about them or any other boys/guys the way you describe.
      It is a pure brotherly/friendly kinda love and not a sexual one, which is a completely different kinda feeling. But love is still love. We were brought to this world to love and to be loved and not to spend our lives in loneliness. I am not losing hope although life was never kind to me and always kept giving all the luck and happiness to others around me. These two boys still manage to pull me up when i am falling down into loneliness and desperation. And it does get really tough sometimes especially in cold winter months.
      Thank you for your warm and touching reply and for taking the time to write such a long comment. It just shows how much you DO care about others.

      • I think that sex comes from horniness, and horniness comes from hormones. When you love someone you want to touch them, be close to them. If you love someone you want to sleep next to them. If you do that, and you’re old enough to have hormones, then horniness is only natural. If you love boys then don’t be ashamed to ALSO want sex with them BluEyes; it’s a natural part of your age. That it is not accepted by society doesn’t mean that you should feel guilty about feeling love AND lust (at times).

        • Not every guy that comes here is attracted to boys/guys sexually. Period. Its not ubnormal to notice beautiful people around you and NOT want to hump them. We are not all animals who cant control themselves.
          I did explore my options in my younger days and realised same sex romance is not for me.
          It looks like its not “popular” to be straight these days which is the stupidest thing i ever heard.

          • I too do normally not think about sex (or “humping” them). I feel care, concern, the need to help. Sometimes affection; and that’s it. But I’m not going to deny that IF a boy that I cared about like that, even love, would want to sleep in my bed in his undies, then I would most definitly become horny (especially if he wanted that). It never happens, so I never get horny; but all I’m saying is that feeling “in love” and sexual attraction are the most natural partners. Anyway, I totally respect you saying that you’d never get horny, not in any circumstance. PS Happy birthday! smile

  4. Thank You Back…..I do get long winded (sorry).. sorry I am sort of an amateur journalist at heart besides being an amateur photographer too lol,,, and a hopeless romantic. I realize that I do sometimes intertwine friendship/love and sex and that’s were my “story” begins…….I first would/will/do meet a boy and we are friends. But I sometimes wonder if I am making friends with them as we first meet that I was attracted to them first out of physical attraction then we happen to make friends…That’s seemed to have been my M.O. ( modus operandi) I don’t intentionally seek these boys out for sex,but I am attracted to their looks and personality and want friendship to ease my growing loneliness etc….and want to be their friends. I have had many of friendships to were I NEVER have ONE sexual thought about them what- so- ever. I am lucky enough…. if you will ( and this may sound conceited)to be personable and have friend like qualities that attract them to me and want to be “friends”.. and also ( at the risk of sounding conceited again and full of myself) have been able to have relationships that were based on my perceived good looks and personality .But then I find myself not only attracted to them as friends I start to develop a sexual attraction to them but NOT always…this is were the “problem” often lied. It wasn’t ALL sexual or ALL friendship. It was a world of two feelings colliding with one another and sometimes was disastrous! Others a dream come true. So all in all its something im still working on! and yes I do care about people and how they feel and DO know how it feels to be lonely, and I know exactly what you feel when you say that “luck and happiness was given to others around you” ..I felt that way too! especially when I see others enjoying friendships and relationships all around me and yet at times….” I lie here in bed, by myself, all alone, I cant mend-but I feel Tomorrow will be ok” That’s not only a thought about how I often have felt/feel but part of a song lyric from the song called “Outside”..from the music group “Staind” ..the “Break the cycle” album. So keep your head up and you are NOT alone out there…I feel your pain,trust me I do!!! I KNOW what pain and heartache is for real *From the little boy inside.

  5. Happy birthday! Both boys are quite handsome. There is one boy I see every once in a while that I feel the same way about. I have one picture of him I might post. Oh to kidnap him for a weekend.

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