21 thoughts on “Hot Cuties !

  1. You should have saved the first for last, my scroller was STUCK ON HIM! I almost didn’t even see the rest. LOL! WOW! You DO come up with some very “NICE” shots. Thanks.

  2. The guy twisting hanging by his one arm in those gray leggings and on the phone is one cute guy by his effort to do this all. That is Picture Number Six. Why not give out the phone numbers so we can all call and caw. laugh laugh And congratulate. laugh The guy on the bicycle in Picture Number Two is too cute … he gives the photographer the good facial ugh, go away facial look, that the photographer deserves … and the photographer gets a very good shot of a cute guy being cute on the bike anyway. laugh Jeanette finds some goodies. Need to give Jeanette a chocolate cinnamon cream cheese brownie. smile smile

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