34 thoughts on “Text me

  1. You are a cutie boy! I love the way your (please don’t take offense) barely fuzzy boy lip hairs are starting to sprout up….that’s so cute! * Just a quick note to who it may concern…As far as I know (not sure what country some are living in) Its not illegal to text him…..? I mean if he just wants someone to talk to. If its gonna get all sexual and you are trying to arrange a sexual encounter…well then yeah you better know the “age of consent laws” in your and his respective countries!….Just saying….If the poor boy wants to just talk whats the harm??? Id talk with him! cool

  2. A 65+ year old human dinosaur can talk to anyone about anything at anytime, including about explicit sex. Sexual invitations are different, as they are not ‘about’ sex but are sexual actions. That also goes for anybody and everyone at any age. Gay and other LGBTQ issues are as real as the sunrise. Picture Number Two is of a cute guy. Sunrise ? Yes, there is a human sunrise. laugh

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