A Boy I Met Online

I recently met this boy online who liked me and I liked him back. We’re not boyfriends, but I would be open for a relationship with him. He looks so hot and I thought you might like him.264-28

16 thoughts on “A Boy I Met Online

  1. He’s hot you should go for a relationship. And then share more of him. thanks for this.

    • ‘Share a relationship’ ? no laugh Share ‘more’ of him ? Like a slice, maybe ? wacko laugh ‘Share more of him’ after you have had a … taste … first ? wacko laugh You mean ‘He’s hot’ as in fresh out of the oven to ‘share’, like a pizza slice ? wacko laugh joust kidding ! laugh just Kidding ! laugh hanks for the comment. I mean, thanks. wacko laugh Need a tissue. Or, in your case, a napkin. wacko laugh FUN. Thanks for your tolerance.

    • Good thing to ask ! Well to ask about the honesty ! Good for you to make the simple inquery ! Never thought of that ! good yes Makes a wonder about motive + intent + deed + the personal feelings + more ! OH YES does it not ? yes good Thankyou
      mr. Jonas2004 !!!

  2. Cutie love his green eyes and blondie boy hair,Cute boy,,Get us some more if you can? Full body and as little clothes as possible…. laugh

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