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    • Partially true. You have to maintain a certain level of nutrients for ALL kinds of growth, muscles and height growth. Muscle building can rob you of some of what a growing boy needs. If you don’t watch and maintain ALL of what that young body needs, yep, it can cause stunted growth. One of the things body building forgets is that for great health you also need a higher heart rate with enough oxygen intake at the same time, running, swimming, etc. (ie. aerobics) You CAN have it both ways, but many people don’t focus on the entire body. That’s why you see so many people who weight lift running into health problems early in life.

      • They must stop the muscular versus the growing up. When more fully grown THEN the muscles can have better training as part of a fuller grown skeleton. NO !!! IT CAN NOT WORK BOTH WAYS !!! You cannot do a Schwarzenegger without steroids. PERIOD. As he himself confesses. Ancient Greek / Roman / Japanese / Chinese mystery ==> muscularity really equals stupidity. laugh Stupidity equals not idiocy, as 1000+ lawsuits against the NFL, NHL, boxing franchises, and on and on, by former able & willing recipients of head bashing and willing body smashing shows. laugh Very real. dash of another meaning ! laugh pm with any disagreements.

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