34 thoughts on “First Post: Me

  1. Thanks for a very HOT first post. great face and body and OH a very nice bulge noted too.

  2. You’re adorable! Love your face, but I also like your sweet pale nipples and nicely built torso. Consider posting a full length shot where we can see your handsome face and sexy body together!

  3. You really are especially beautiful, and you have a very cute face and a perfect torso. I also like your nipples. I should think that you have nice legs too, and you ought to consider showing them if you post again.

  4. I love you. You had a hot body, sexy butt, and hot legs. I want to hug you, hold you, cuddle you, and kiss you. Would you be my friend? inlove inlove hug hug heart heart heart

  5. Sorry, but I always get suspicious when someone says, “This is me!!!”
    Can you post one with all your fingers out and your pinky touching your nose???
    However, you or not… VERY cute!!!
    WOW! wacko

    • Perniciously suspicious … and with VERY GOOD REASONS. Why come here to self advertise ? Why come here to show off ??? NOT BORN YESTERDAY ! ( Last week maybe ! laugh ) Motive + Intent + any other things = NO! ! rtfm DOES NOT COMPUTE !!! rtfm Nice pictures !!! laugh

  6. ben146790 i love very you are a beautiful boy
    You are for me my little brother
    But next time can i see your feet?
    I love very boys feet with all my soul and heart

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