9 thoughts on “HQ Boys I.

  1. Yea ALL nice sexy boys..Love #4 his face is so cute with his lil pug nose .Hes a keeper!! 5&7 although I do like a good B&W photo…Id love to see their eyes in color!! These boys are too pretty and hot to be in B&W but good anyway!! #8 with that classic B&B (blonde and blue) Hes a sweetheart very want able and hot!!

  2. Modern digital cameras can take real big HD pictures that any can study area by area, some, when at full strength, only 1/4th, or for some, only 1/8th, or, for some, from some camera, only 1/16th, of the NATURAL picture fits the screen, NO ZOOM of any need. NICE BIG WONDERFULS to study inch by inch laugh wow. good yes smile THANKS mr. fufik . smile

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